It is relatively easy to make the kitchen was nice and functional at the same time. But if it is small? Also in a small size can be our favorite place, although we can forget about family meetings at the kitchen table. Or maybe we do not have to give up on it?

What floor in the kitchen?

Many people who are in the process of redesigning or redesigning the kitchen would like to have everything on the last button. Perhaps it is a great renovation or just replacing cabinets and countertops – you will want to impress your friends. However, your efforts will be wasted if you do not choose the right floor for your kitchen.

Many people say tiles, linoleum or stone are the most suitable flooring options for the kitchen, but at the same time many people claim that the real warmth and cozy character can only be expected from a wooden floor.

There are two different types of wooden floors: solid flooring and engineered flooring.
Solid wood flooring, as the name suggests, is made of solid wood planks. The engineering parquet, on the other hand, is made of several layers of wood joined together to create a strong core and a top layer, about 4-6m made of solid wood.

How to arrange small rooms?

Small apartments do not mean an even division of the area. The most-large-size living room is constructed at the expense of a separate kitchen and even a small bedroom. It has its good and bad sides, but the built-in kitchen is a place in the flat, where we can freely experiment with the dishes without fear that the smell of our dishes will be burdensome for those sitting in another part of the apartment.

If we are already happy owners of the kitchen, even a small one, it is time for such a device to be able to find as much space as possible for us and the people who accompany us. First, let’s think about whether all the kitchen appliances in the kitchen are needed here. This is the first step to recovering space. If this is behind us, let’s look at kitchen furniture – and if we change them to those that take up less space on the floor, but more on the walls? A similar function for spacious, though inconspicuously looking on the shelves and cabinets, is made up of corner furniture. These look completely inconspicuous, but they can accommodate even large pots for cooking large quantities of preserves at once.

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