In Vitro Fertilization is an universal method of treating different infertility cases. Whether it is a female or male infertility factor or a combination of them both, IVF can be applied to wide range of situations. Thanks to various treatment options virtually any couple who struggle with conception can increase significantly their odds of having offspring. Especially In Vitro Fertilization plays essential role in overcoming infertility and here is why.

What is infertility?

The basic question we need to ask when considering matters of IVF with egg donation is a definition of infertility and the scope of application of the method within the problem of incapacity of procreating. We speak of infertility when a couple attempts actively to procreate throughout regular intercourses for over a year but fails to conceive during that period of time or longer. It has multiple causes among which the main categories are either male, female or mutual infertility factors. For those of them that cannot be treated by medication, surgical procedures or altering lifestyle-related  features what doctors recommend is In Vitro Fertilization.

Options of treatment

Depending on the origin of the problem with couples incapacity to conceive there are different variants of medically assisted reproduction. Among the methods including fertilization in laboratory conditions distinguish a few possible ones involving use of partners’ reproductive cells, female or male donor cell or both gametes coming from donation. In cases of female infertility being a result of blocked fallopian tubes, organic malfunctions of ovaries or other conditions preventing a woman from proper ovulation the recommended treatment option is IVF with egg donation. During the procedure donor egg cells are used for the fertilization and then obtained embryo is transferred into female partners body inducing her pregnancy. There are few variants of egg donation such as IVF cycles with frozen of fresh donor eggs or ones with known or anonymous donor – the prospective parents can decide what suits them the most and what would be the most convenient for them. For more information on possible treatment options of IVF with egg donation visit and read:

Where to start?

First step for the couples who wish to become parents and suffer from female factor is to visit fertility clinic that offers the treatment using In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation. Preferably the facility should have their own genetic bank or at the very least have at their disposal the vast choice of possible donors. Apart from choosing the best clinic with highest success rates couples need to make sure the facility offers comprehensive approach and can provide donor eggs in order for them not to worry about the search for someone to be a donor. After deciding on the clinic that have access to the database of preselected and prequalified prospective donors couples can look into detailed information on phenotypic features, medical history and socioeconomic background of women in order to find qualities that are the most desired by them. After the selection the proper procedure of IVF is carried out with the use of chosen donor’s ova in order for the pregnancy to occur. And if the couple is lucky in nine months they can enjoy having a baby.