Lately, medical tourism has become a hot topic in media. It has gained the popularity owing to significant price differences between regions and countries. Searching for cheaper, and often more advanced therapy, people start looking around abroad. This trend is noticeable on the example of the United States and Mexico. A high percentage of American population does not have health insurance – they choose a treatment in the private clinic just behind the Mexican border. Local hospitals and clinics specialize in handling American Patients; doctors are English speaking, standard is increasing. Also, Americans fly to India, Thailand and Europe in search for more convenient and favorable treatments. In Europe, the cross-border healthcare exchange is increasing every year. Hospitals have international certifications, experienced staff and price differences are enormous. Cataract removal surgery in Polish private ophthalmological clinic is up to 70% cheaper (compare here –, with no waiting time, than in Switzerland or Scandinavia.

Unfortunately, the medical tourism sector has gained bad fame through the Swedish patient undergoing her breast enlargement in one of the Baltic States. She died due to complications. However, not many know that she has been refused to be operated in her home country, so searching for opportunities abroad she held back much medical information and lied about her health condition. She even signed the Patient Consent Form (the document which is vital before any medical procedure, where patient confirms that he/she is conscious that concealing any medical details can lead to serious problems).
Situations like this are very rare (less than 0,1%). Private clinics treat their international guests with extraordinary care, provide best medical staff, acclaimed doctors, implants and services.

Package treatment

Particularly, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of receiving a package treatment service. Choosing this option, you no longer have to worry about transportation, catering or care. For example, in Poland you can buy an all-inclusive care package in total hip replacement, which consists of 14 days of physical therapy, nurses and doctors care, stay in the clinic and additional diagnostics for GBP 5500 in total – it is less than the procedure itself in the UK. Here is one of the more interesting offers for hip and knee replacement:

You do not have to engage your family and friends to help you in the early postoperative period. The best medical care is at your fingertips.

Medical tourism

While choosing treatment abroad you can gain something extra – not only you receive back your health but also have an opportunity to get to know a new culture. In less invasive treatments such as cataract surgery you can visit the local region – medical tourism facilitators often provide day tours. In undergoing a plastic surgery abroad privacy is a bonus – convalescence and recovery far away from prying eyes.To protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances it is good to buy a medical travel insurance so that you can travel with comfort and serenity.

When planning to undergo a medical procedure, consider treatment abroad – extraordinary medical care, no waiting time and great value for money.